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"My naturopath suggested I try VSL#3 and it has made a world of difference keeping my symptoms at bay. After taking 2 packs/day, and then increasing to 4 packs/day... I am now able to take 4 packs/day every 3 days as upkeep for my gut. A happy gut is a happy life!"

July 7th, 2015


"I have to write this testimonial. I had a routine colonoscopy and everything was OK, but after a while I started having diarrhea and blood for a long time. Eventually I also started looking into fecal transplant therapy. I asked my doctor if I could try VSL#3, as I knew someone else taking it who strongly recommended it. After 2 weeks, taking 2 packages a day, the diarrhea and blood stopped. I still continue in the study for fecal transplant therapy, but there is no doubt that VSL#3 has made a huge difference. I tried other types of probiotics and none of them helped. Please do yourself a favour and try it for at least 2 or 3 weeks... what do you have to lose?"

I.M. – February 1st, 2015


"I have been pinned to my apartment for months. I had to wake up every hour in the night. We will see what happens in the future, but just to have even one day as a normal person is a delight. I just wish this were more affordable for other people in my boat."

Roedy Green - October 7th, 2014 (Victoria, BC)


"I was using another probiotic, supplements, and diet but nothing was helping me. I finally read some great reviews on VSL#3 and decided to give it a try. After 1 week of using VSL#3, my digestive problems started disappearing. I started being able to digest food and became regular again. After a month of using this product my health is as good as before. This product works."

A.G. - October 4th, 2013


"After being hospitalized for 6 months my doctor recommended trying this before going down other drug treatment paths again. So far I have been in remission with no problems and no other drugs. I recommend this product along with a good diet. This has made a big difference in my life."

P.G. - September 23rd, 2013


"I tried VSL#3 from a GI doctor in Toronto. I slowly started to get better. Since then, whenever I have to use antibiotics or I have a flare I use a month or two until I'm back, it's always in my fridge. Keep making it!"

Elisa - December 7th, 2012


"After being hospitalized for severe dehydration and infection, treated with antibiotics and saline for ten days, emergency visits twice since December with the same treatment, losing 40 lbs in that time, as well as continuous diarrhea, a friend who's son just became a surgeon recommended this product. Within 4 days I was having stools with some shape to it and the pain of cramping was waning. I have used it for 2 months now and I am very happy and able to go about my life again."

G.A. - October 16th, 2011


"I have been taking VSL#3 for the past 3 months (1 sachet at the end of my supper). Within one week of taking VSL#3, I was sleeping through the night, which has not happened for many years. During the day I have a lot less abdominal pain and less urgency to go to the bathroom (during the flare-ups I was going 15 times a day with blood).

I am feeling a lot better today with less pain and have the sensation of being well physically.

I cannot promise that VSL#3 will work for everyone the way it did for me, but VSL#3 is a godsend."

M.P. - November 26th, 2009


"Still in remission after 2 years and I'm using only one packet per day now."

R.D. - October 8th, 2009


"Since last year, I have been taking VSL#3 and this is the first time in 16 months I have stayed in remmission. Last year I had to cancel all my social invitations and a trip to Machu Pichu. While I was home I had 24 visits to the washroom and also lost a lot of weight. So far I have been taking 2 pouches of the VSL#3 and it seems to be keeping me in remission."

Richard Dhruv - December 10th, 2008


"I am an ileal pouch patient for over 20 years. Since then I have had to deal with severe morning toxicity, excessive bloating problems, and multiple trips (up to 5 a day) to the bathroom. I was also sick half the year from flues and colds which I could not shake.

In Jan 2008 I started taking VSL3. The positive effects from the medication have virtually changed my life. I am no longer toxic in the morning, the bloating is significantly less and I go to the bathroom as little as twice a day. The endless flues and colds have stopped and my overall health is fantastic compared to before VSL3.

I would strongly encourage VSL3 usage. Give yourself enough time to make sure it works for you. In my case I could feel the difference after 2 weeks and felt the full benefits after about 6 weeks. I started off with 4 packs a day eventually cutting back to 2 daily. I bumped it back to 3 packets daily because it made a big difference in how I feel. Occasionally I let a few days lapse before re-ordering and that turned out to be a mistake. It took me only 1 day of missing my dose to feel things sliding back."

B. - October 22nd, 2008


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