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The following are some of the original published articles and review papers on VSL#3®.
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Going with His Gut Bacteria

The body and its intestinal flora produce chemicals with hidden health information, Jeremy Nicholson has found. Someday treating disease may mean treating those bacteria. Read the full article.

Video: Interview with Dr. Fedorak

Dr. Fedorak discusses clinical trials using good bacteria, known as probiotics to treat gastrointestinal ailments like crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Watch the full video here (http://vsl3.ca/youtube.html)

One on One with Professor Qasim Aziz and Dr. Linden Ruckert

Gastroenterology specialist Professor Qasim Aziz answers Dr. Linden Ruckert’s questions on the role of stress, whether IBS is a useful term and the use of probiotic. Read full interview here.

Radiation Induced Diarrhea

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Modulation of Intestinal Inflammation and Immune Response

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